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The qualification procedure is described in the following documents:

PURE-QRD-1 Qualification of commercial electronic devices.

PCP-MRD-1 Test methods and procedures.

PCP-MRD-2 Reliability measurements and statistical methods and tools.

PCP-ARD-1 Guide to carry out a technical audit.

The technical reference documents are the common technical base of PURE members.

Note: PURE reserves to itself the right to change/cancel/remove these documents. The list of manufacturing lines must be considered as the result of a private engineering work based on benchmarking and evaluation of best manufacturing practices. It is not an official or legal qualification level.

All other PURE documents (qualification reports, meeting minutes, audit reports...) are the exclusivity of PURE members
and is found under the password-protected site for members only:

The technical reference describes tests conditions and acceptance criteria for use of commercial parts in rugged environment.

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