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PURE [Plastic encapsulated devices Used in Rugged Environments] is anassociation of European equipment makers, concerned by quality and reliability.
Its members commit themselves to share data and results linked with the use of commercial components in rugged environments.

Thales, Saab Technologies , SAFRAN Electronics and Defence and MBDA are thecurrent members of PURE.


Our Mission

The PURE association is dedicated to the qualification of commercial electronic components (both active and passive)
and COTS assemblies for use in rugged environments.

We share technical audits, construction analysis, reliability tests and data analysis to qualify commercial products according to thequalification reference.

We manage a list of manufacturing lines and parts qualified forrugged environments.



1987 Evaluations and surveys are done at THOMSON-CSF/Department ofTechnology. The first conclusions are positive.
THOMSON-CSF capitalizes data and technical background related with commercial plastic components.The concept of PCP, Plastic Component Program, is set up.

1988 The purpose of the PCP is a qualification standard for plastic components in rugged environments, especially military.The PCP is leaded by THOMSON-CSF/Department of Technology

1995 The interest of use of plastic components is growing within all military, professional and space equipmentmanufacturers. THOMSON-CSF proposed to the French MoD to start a cooperation with majorEuropean equipment makers in order to share the cost of the qualifications and set up a commonEuropean way to use plastic.
Thus after a short benchmarking, THOMSON-CSF and ERICSSON Microwave begin to work together with the following commitment: PURE (Plastic encapsulated devices Used in Rugged Environments) is an Association of European Equipment Makers,THOMSON-CSF and ERICSSON, concerned by quality and reliability of electronic components. Its members commit themselves to share data and results linked with the use of plastic components in rugged environments.

1998 Saab Technologies joins PURE.

2005 SAFRAN Electronics and Defence joins PURE.

2009 Passive parts added to the scope of PURE.

2010 COTS assemblies added to the scope of PURE.

2017 MBDA joins PURE.

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