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This chart defines rights and obligations of each member, especially for use, exploitation and publication of tasks realized in the context of PURE.

1. PURE means PEDs Used in Rugged Environment. PURE has a logo, which validates PURE documents and should not be used out of a PURE context
or without written permission of all PURE members.

2. The list of PURE members is regularly updated.

3. Missions of PURE members: 
Share construction analysis, reliability test and data analysis, technical audits to qualify commercial manufacturing lines according to the PURE qualification reference.
Manage a list of manufacturing lines qualified for rugged environments.
Manage the evolution of the technical reference.

4. PURE is open to membership of all European companies and their subsidiaries which agree with PURE missions and concept.

5. PURE members define each year a common program and share the tasks. The annual program once defined must be officially accepted
by the representative of the PURE member through a "moral commitment" letter, who commits to spend
the required resources to make the job properly and within the planning.
This commitment has no legal value.

PURE members contribute also to recurrent tasks (organization, promotion, communication...)

The advancement of the program and associated tasks is done during regular progress meetings.
Each member is required to send a representative to the progress meeting.
In parallel, information and presentation to other companies can be done during open meetings.

All decisions concerning the association: acceptance of new members, definition and acceptance of the annual program,
repartition of tasks, diffusion of results, are taken unanimity during the progress meeting or through emails.

6. A PURE member can leave the association at any time, at the condition of sending an official letter.
A PURE member may be excluded from the association, after unanimity of other members, if the tasks under its responsibility are not done.

7. A non disclosure agreement has to be signed between the members if any of them require it.

8. The working language of PURE is English



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